Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Music Estonia mentoring sessions

Music Estonia mentoring sessions – a good combination of learning and networking. If you have questions in mind or ideas you want to reflect on and you find the right person with similar experiences from our list of mentors, sign up for our mentoring sessions. These small group sessions with up to 5 participants and a mentor, are a great way to get some advice on your own matters and also hear and learn from your peers.

Music Estonia presents a rich choice of sessions covering topics like management & career development, branding, building a live career and more, by a diverse line up of professionals.

How it works

  1. Pick the sessions you like.
  2. Fill the application form that asks for your name, email, basic bio points, a few sentences about your motivation to participate and – most importantly – up to 3 questions that you would like the mentor to address! These will be forwarded to the mentor in advance.
  3. Wait for a confirmation email.
  4. Show up in the room 5 minutes ahead of time. All of the sessions take place in room Miitsar at Nordic Hotel Forum. Assume a relaxed and yet proactive attitude and ask your questions in the session. This is an informal discussion and very much led by what the participants are interested in – use it!

Mentoring session: Lilli Keh (FI)

Finnish market insights, fan engagement, building an artist management company, crisis management and networking.


Mentoring session: Johannes Reed (GE)

Funk & Soul in 2024, digital marketing, modern release strategies, do we need a label in 2024?


Mentoring session: Diana Alagic (GE)

Club management, curation / booking, label showcases, transforming venues, how to run a club, The Tresor academy, a pilot Project


Mentoring session: Mark Lippmann (UK)

Live Promotion, Label, Publishing, Management, Festivals, UK, Indie Rock


Mentoring session: Tom Sherlock (IE)

Artistic development, international markets, artistic vision and implementation, when do I need a manager?, USA and Canada - how to work there?


Mentoring session: Paweł Juzwuk (PL)

Getting your music to TV series and movies, connections with directors and movie producers, music licensing market knowledge, connections in the publishing industries, talent scouting


Mentoring session: Markus Linde (GE), Nikolina Finska (HR)

Music & Games: taking stock of the current relationship, composing and producing music for games, licensing original music, as an artist, how can I benefit from having my music used in a game?


Mentoring session: Claudia Pereira (CL)

Booking and touring in Latin America, geographical and cultural differences between the countries of Latin America


Mentoring session: Benjamin Demelemester (FR)

Music export strategy, French music market (touring, showcasing, promotion & marketing), artistic collaborations, network development, key players and events in various music genres.


Mentoring session: Toomas Olljum (EE)

Music landscape in the Baltics