Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Sustainable music festivals (and music tourism)

TMW Conference 2023

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Sustainability is a multi-faceted topic. We hear more and more about environmental issues like climate change, waste management problems etc. As event organisers we cannot deny our huge and not necessarily positive impact on environment: we consume loads of resources to power our infrastructure and stages; there has to be enough water to stay hydrated, especially at hot summer events; performers and audience arrive from all around the world by planes and cars. Building mini-cities in idyllic locations has an environmental impact with tents, toilets, transport being the unholy trinity and single-use plastic the devil. We do create noise and trash.

Let’s look into what can music festivals do to reduce their footprint. What are the issues and practices in different countries, what can we learn from each other? How to keep the party going but to engage with artists and audiences in an effort to make this world a better place?


Kadi Aguraijuja, I Land Sound sustainability manager

Linnéa E. Vågen Svensson, Sustainability consultant, Co-founder of Green Operations Europe

Katariina Uusitupa, Production Manager at Flow Festival

Girts Majors, Positivus Festival


Kirsika Meresmaa, Head of Sustainability at Viljandi Folk Music Festival