Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

The Age of Glocal – are we all different or the same?

TMW Conference 2023

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The “letting it in” era of global connectivity allows us to reduce what was once exotic into part of ourselves. During the past decade, K-pop conquered the West, and African amapiano and kwaito warmed up dancefloors even in chilly post-lockdown Estonia. Every country spawned its trap stars, Puerto Rican Bad Bunny outsold all of pop’s most popular artists, and the term 'world music' became somewhat controversial. The new generation of musicians displays an unapologetic global consciousness while maintaining a connection to wherever – or whatever – constitutes a home. Global sounds and visions get infused with local pace and slang, and TikTok allows us to repurpose music in collaborative ways that break down not only geographical barriers but also those between genres and creators. And with quickly evolving AI, every kid in the world will soon have all the tools to become a global pop star.

Is the distancing between “us” and “them” – and the in-betweens like former socialist bloc countries –finally over? What’s more “authentic” – implementing forgotten instruments or rhymes of one's ancestors or adding a personal touch to a global phenomenon? Where is the line between cultural appropriation and appreciation?


Balazs Weyer, Programme Director at Hangvető (HU)

Neeta Ragoowansi, Executive Director at Folk Alliance International (US)

Divya Bhatia, Director of Jodhpur RIFF (IN)

Marton Naray, Director of Czech Music Export Office (CZ)

Ingrid Kohtla, Head of PR & Communications at TMW (EE)


Josie Anne Gaitens, Cultural journalist and folk musician (IS)