Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Music Moves Europe Dialogue Session: The age of ecosystems - how to further develop a sustainable European music ecosystem in transition?

TMW Conference 2023

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This is a kick-off session of a new series of 10 dialogue sessions under the Music Moves Europe initiative (MME), steered by the European Commission, and happening at music conferences all over Europe. The dialogue programme is carried out by Eurosonic Noorderslag, East European Music Conference, Linecheck, MaMA, Reeperbahn Festival and Tallinn Music Week. These European music festivals and conferences are also the founders of the new Federation of Music Conferences (FoMC) that will serve as a platform to help promote the MME dialogue. At this opening session, the group will discuss the structure, tasks and goals of the MME dialogue, funded by the Creative Europe programme, and initiate a first interactive dialogue session with representatives from the sector and the policy level.

As the first step, the dialogue will look into new conceptual ideas for the European Music Ecosystem, as developed by the research team, led by Professor Dr. Carsten Winter (Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media) in collaboration with Frank Kimenai (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Dr. Marija Maglov (Institute of Musicology SASA Beograd). The findings of the concept will also inform the 10 MME dialogues at music conferences across Europe, starting at Tallinn Music Week. The music sector is leading again a new era of increasing interconnectedness, fragmentation and complexity in a fast-changing global landscape. This is why we need innovative and adaptable models to manage and govern the music sector in this new reality. At this session, we present and discuss how a new and open music ecosystem approach can help us to further develop a sustainable and fair music ecosystem in transition.

EU policies come into play here, such as overarching priorities and themes like the “European Green Deal”, “Sustainable development” or the “Digital single market” and their meaning for the music sector. Moreover, EU level works in the field of culture and focusing on the cultural and creative sectors and industries are of interest for the sector, such as the working conditions of artists and cultural professionals. The correlation between the music sector and such policies is of great importance for the reflection on innovating and modernising the current and future European Music Ecosystem.

Join us at the opening session of the MME dialogue and contribute to the exchanges - let us discuss together what Europe can do to allow the music sector players to do what they do best: Move Europe with music!


Professor Dr. Carsten Winter, Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media

Frank Kimenai , Erasmus University Rotterdam

Klaartje Bult, EU business manager at ESNS

Dino Lupelli , General Manager of Music Innovation Hub and Linecheck

Helen Sildna , Founder and Director of Tallinn Music Week

Representatives from the European Commission