Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

ArcticSonic: The story of climate change, told through music, science and indigenous people

TMW Conference 2023

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Following In Place of War’s Cucusonic album that takes sounds from the Colombian rainforest, reworking them into electronic music, with Brian Eno and Matthew Dear amongst others, ArcticSonic is an evolving journey. On this journey, musicians, indigenous Inuit artists and scientists show the impact of climate change in the Arctic and the countries that will be most affected, using music as the mechanism to reach people’s hearts and minds.

Following an expedition to the Arctic in April 2023, artists featured on Cucusonic and the ArcticSonic project will talk about and show how they made their tracks and why it’s important. Dan ‘Peter Parker’ will make an on-site performance to show how he made his track.


Jacob Froberg, Festival Director at Arctic Sounds (GL)

Nuka Alice Lund, Inuk drumdancer (GL)

Dan Baxter, turntablist, beat maker and composer (GB)

Kim Rowell, Managing Editor at News Production, ITN (GB)


Ruth Daniel, CEO of In Place of War (GB)

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