Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

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Click & Grow. User-centric audience development and growth marketing

TMW Conference 2024

“You only need 1,000 true fans to be successful,” Kevin Kelly famously stated. But how to reach that critical amount of die-hard followers? Do you know your fans, where they are and what they want? What kind of a role does data play in building your audience? How to ensure long-term growth, while still “living in the moment” and not sacrificing short-term opportunities? How do you measure successful growth marketing? Answering these questions, hacking marketing buzzwords such as “community” and “fan persona” and explaining how to really become acquainted with your audience are four marketing pros with various expertise in music and growth marketing.


  • Mark Lippmann, Founder & CEO of Scruff of the Neck
  • Rauno Kutti, Guitarist of Bedwetters, marketer
  • Andrew Apanov, Founder of Dotted Music
  • Marleen Kubits, Growth marketer, founder of TITS Agency


  • Eva Johanna Lepikov, Executive Producer of TMW, Head of Marketing at Shiftworks