Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

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Dungeons & Dragons of Global Pop

TMW Conference 2024

The new generation of musicians worldwide displays an unapologetic global consciousness and a connection to wherever – or whatever – constitutes a home. Sounds and visions get infused with local pace, English is mixed with other languages and new tools and platforms allow us to repurpose it all in ways that break down the barriers between genres and creators. Hip-hop’s relationship with Asian culture and martial arts is one for ages and a new export from Scandinavia may be a K-pop hit.

Let’s talk about transcultural representations. Did rap really originate from Scottish flyting? What’s with Hip-Hop and Kung Fu? What is Samurai Trap? Can you throw random made-up words into a K-pop song and no one will notice?


  • MISS MOLLY, artist and songwriter
  • Robin Jensen, CEO (head of Europe) at Kreation Music Rights
  • Richy Muirhead, Creative Director and Founder of the Scottish Alternative Music Awards, Co-Founder of Pitch Scotland


  • Alek Bošković, Artist Relations Manager at Believe Music