Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

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The European Music Cities Policy Guide: A deep dive into education – input, keynote and interactive workshop

TMW Conference 2024

The European Music Cities Policy Guide is bringing to life the Education chapter of the newly published EMPE Guide. With special guest speaker Magda Cholyst, Managing Director of Artist in Bloom and facilitated by Managing Director of Music Cities Network Lena Ingwersenm and Project Assistant of Music Cities Network Sabrina Dehati.

Through 2023, the Music Cities Network and the Center for Music Ecosystems alongside over 100 partners, guest editors and writers from all over Europe, tried to answer a simple question – can we understand better the economic, social and cultural value that music has in our towns, cities and places? And in doing so, how can we argue for more financial and political investment in it, if we can demonstrate that investing in music benefits everyone’s quality of life?

This resulted in the European Music Cities Policy Guide, published to acclaim in September 2023. Through roundtables, desk research, data and evidence – and a lot of input from policymakers around Europe and beyond – we explored the role that music plays, and can play, across eight city priorities – equality, diversity and inclusion; education; climate action; jobs and skills: tourism; the night-time economy; infrastructure and long term strategy planning.

This session focuses specifically on the contents of the Education chapter. With a keynote on education given by Magda Cholyst, Lena Ingwersen will present the contents of the chapters, and open the floor for facilitated group discussions and ideas generated from attendees.

The contents cover the intersection of education policy and music, best practice case studies, the overall city strategy, and promoting entrepreneurship. Attendees are encouraged to bring up other topics or provocations, which will also be included.

25 - 30 participants via pre-registration at

Short outline of agenda:

  1. Introduction
  2. Keynote
  3. Group Discussions
  4. Joint Harvest

The European Music Policy Guide was created by the Center for Music Ecosystem and the Music Cites Network alongside over 100 partners, guest editors and writers from all over Europe, and co-funded by the Music Aire fund by the European Commission.

The EMPE Guide is a shining example of the transformative power of music in public policy. It conclusively demonstrates that investing in music not only enriches culture but also significantly elevates economic prosperity and social well-being in our cities. We are excited to dive deeper with you during this year’s Tallinn Music Week.

For more info check the MCN website and or get in touch with MCN Managing Director and EMPE Project Lead Lena -


  • Lena Ingwersen, Managing Director at Music Cities Network
  • Magda Cholyst, Founder of Artist in Bloom