Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

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Go East! Discover the music markets of India, South Korea and Taiwan

TMW Conference 2024

The panel takes a closer look at the Indian, South Korean and Taiwan music markets - the most popular music genres, audience preferences, opportunities for international music, touring possibilities and effective strategies for promoting your project, music, and video. We will talk about festivals, showcases and networking events, learn about some nuances of each market, the role of physical and digital distribution, popular streaming platforms, merchandise sales and more.


  • Edison Prithoviraj, Founder and Head of Exodus, Director of Unwind Center
  • Divya Bhatia, Director of Jodhpur RIFF
  • Peiti Huang, Programme Director of 2024 World Music Festival@Taiwan, Head of International Brand Innovation Operations Group in Wind Music
  • Rafael Pereira, Managing Partner, TINNUTS Legal, India Music Exchange
  • Sungchun Lee, Chief producer at SoundPuzzle, Executive Director & General Secretary of Seoul Music Week


  • Juliana Voloz, CEO at JV-Promotion