Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

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Rethinking music education: workshops and discussion

TMW Conference 2024

This three-part deep dive into music education consists of practical workshops to show two examples of innovative music education programmes: Constellation Class from Latvia and Music Management Programme from NHL Stenden, the Netherlands, followed by a discussion on the future of music education.

14:30 - 15:30 Workshop: Constellation Class – implementing technology in music education

During the masterclass, attendees will explore the setup of the "Constellation Class" – a pioneering project that is bringing digital workstations to music classrooms in Latvia. We will delve into the methodological approaches to integrating technology into music education and why it's essential for the music industry to engage with schools. In an open discussion, we will invite you to brainstorm with us for ideas to enhance the project further. In collaboration with Erica Synths.


  • Agnese Rakovska, artist, founder of Zvaigznājs (Constellation)
  • Girts Ozolins, CEO of Erica Synths

15:30 - 16:00 Workshop: NHL Stenden: practical tools for future music managers

In this short workshop, Bastiaan Nijbroek will share two projects that his students at NHL Stenden are currently working on: AI in Marketing and Successful Showcasing Strategies. Come see and discuss how input in AI generates content and how you use data to extract and suggest steps that fit an artist’s strategy.


  • Bastiaan Nijbroek, Senior lecturer and programme coordinator at NHL Stenden Hogeschool

Followed by a panel discussion

16:00 - 17:00 Rethinking Music Education

Why do we need music as a subject in formal education? How can music education in schools benefit the music industry? What is the wider impact of music and arts education on communities and society in general? The panel discussion will explore the role of teaching all aspects of music on different formal education levels, from general, to vocational, and higher education, taking examples from Estonia, Latvia, and the Netherlands.


  • Agnese Rakovska, artist, founder of Zvaigznājs (Constellation)
  • Silvia Käsk, Head of Live Music Estonia
  • Bastiaan Nijbroek, Senior lecturer and programme coordinator NHL Stenden Hogeschool
  • Anna Maria Ranczakowska, Founder of Transforming Collective


  • Jaanika Lillemaa, Chief Expert at Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia