Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

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Breaking into new European markets. Focus on Iceland, Austria and Poland

TMW Conference 2024

Which markets should we explore next? European exporters have set their sights on three markets rich in opportunities. We have invited several professionals to share their best tips and tricks on how to enter these markets and build a sustainable business within them. Let’s explore the best opportunities and methods for exporting to our furthest Nordic friends and the attractive platforms of Western and Central Europe. In three short discussion rounds, you'll discover the best ways, timing, and reasons behind it all.

Curated by Music Estonia

In collaboration with EMEE – European Music Exporters Exchange network


  • Tamara Kamińska, Director of Music Export Poland, Coordinator at EMEE
  • Rafal Chwala, Artistic Director of Different Sounds Festival
  • Franz Hergovich, Project Leader at Austrian Music Export
  • Michel Attia, Head of Booking & Events at Radio FM4 - ORF
  • Colm O’Herlihy, Founder of INNI
  • Maria Rut Reynisdottir, Director of Iceland Music


  • Benjamin Demelemester, International Project Manager at Centre national de la musique (CNM)