Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

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Workshop: Independent yet interconnected - enabling your music journey through smart partnerships

TMW Conference 2024

"Independent Yet Interconnected" reframes the DIY artist's approach in the music industry, highlighting the strength of strategic collaborations, especially in music publishing and distribution. Grasping and effectively utilising these partnerships can significantly enhance an independent music career trajectory.

Rights Ownership Fundamentals: We'll explore the essentials of owning rights in the music industry. Understanding the various types of rights and how to retain them is crucial for maintaining artistic and financial control. This knowledge is instrumental for ensuring long-term benefits and laying the groundwork for your legacy.

Choosing the Right Partners: We'll share criteria and methods for selecting partners who can respect and enhance your artistic direction and business goals.

Real-world Application: Through case studies, we'll demonstrate how effective partnerships have propelled independent artists' careers and offer tangible takeaways.

Practical Engagement: Participants will be involved in interactive exercises, applying these concepts to their music scenarios, fostering a hands-on understanding of collaborative growth opportunities.

Curated by Music Estonia, supported by Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI)


  • Mandy Salem-Aubry, Music Business Consultant at Mandy Salem-Aubry Music Services, Head of Knowledge & Communication at Paradise Worldwide
  • Ralph Boege, CEO and Founder of Paradise Worldwide