Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

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The Earth As Your Co-writer

TMW Conference 2024

Art has the unique ability to spark conversations about justice, the environment and the world as a whole. Artists can use their talent to provoke thought and raise awareness about the suffering of Planet Earth.

The EarthPercent charity was founded by Brian Eno to help combat the impact the music industry has on the planet by making Earth a co-writer and legal beneficiary of music royalties. After all, everyone knows deep down that Mother Earth has a hand in every song ever written. Let’s explore this unique concept from the artist's point of view. Can a song still save the Earth?

Co-curated by Music Estonia


  • Becky Young, Project Lead of EarthPercent, Earth as your co-writer
  • Madame Gandhi, artist and activist
  • manna, artist


  • Irina Shtreis, music and culture journalist