Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

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The vitality of folk music festivals - favouring the youth as a key to success

TMW Conference 2024

The Viljandi Folk Music Festival is an event that has consistently worked towards preserving live folk music tradition. International journalists have noted that, unlike in other parts of the world, where the majority of the audience at folk/global music festivals consists of middle-aged and older generations, in Viljandi, the festival is shaped by young people. It’s the organisers' firm belief, that the vitality of traditional culture can be maintained by young people.

The panel will be opened by Ando Kiviberg, the head of the Viljandi Folk Music Festival. He will introduce the main practices implemented over the past 30 years that have created new audiences not only for the Viljandi Folk Music Festival but also for the wider folk music field in Estonia. Representatives from the festival Oslo World, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival and Roots Music Denmark will share their experiences and thoughts in the panel discussion.

What attracts young people to folk music? What strategies are used to accomplish the goal of being popular amongst the younger generation? What are the experiences of different countries? What can we learn from each other?


  • Ando Kiviberg, Head of Viljandi Folk Music Festival
  • Anne-Mari Hakamäki, Programme director of Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
  • Laia Canals, Director of Roots Music Denmark, Tempi, Chairwoman of Nordic Folk Alliance
  • Laura Camacho Salgado, Head of international program at the festival Oslo World


  • Marili Jõgi, Artist Manager, founder and CEO of Moon Management