Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Peiti HuangTW

Programme Director of 2024 World Music Festival@Taiwan / Head of International Brand Innovation Operations Group in Wind Music (Taiwan)

Peiti Huang is an accomplished A&R professional and music project coordinator with a Master’s in Musicology from National Taipei Art University, Taiwan. She has over two decades of musical expertise, having led over 100 albums and cultural creative endeavours, including planning and executing projects such as “Experiencing Traditional Music in Taiwan" (2012), "Hearing Taiwan Cultural" (2014), and "Legend of Passage" (2015). Huang is currently serving as Head of International Brand Innovation Operations Group at Wind Music and Programme Director for the World Music Festival in Taiwan.

Having a keen understanding of the international music market and its preferences, Huang has successfully negotiated numerous performances at major international music festivals. Huang actively promotes Taiwan's exceptional musical talents on the global stage, earning praise from international curators as an innovative international marketing promoter.