Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Katja Vauhkonen FI

Executive Director at Indie Co ry, Founder of KV Management

Katja Vauhkonen started in the Finnish music industry in 2005 by doing promotion and marketing for Sony Music Finland. For over 10 years, Katja worked with local talent and international artists. After closely being involved in the major label business, she joined Fullsteam as an artist manager/to do artist management, and also took over the award-winning indie label Fullsteam Records. In April 2021, Katja started as the Executive Director of IndieCo (the Finnish independent record producers association). IndieCo represents over 70 indie labels in Finland. She also started her own business (KV Management, K. Vauhkosen Musiikit ja Meiningit)) doing PR & marketing and management for local and international artists. She is working f.e. with award-winning metal band Stam1na, and new promising bands like Stoned Statues and Block Of Flats.

Katja has won the award for best Marketing & Promotion person of the Year twice (2014 & 2015) and also the Manager of the Year award (2019) at the Finnish Music Industry Awards (Music X Media).