Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Artistic Freedom – artists in the spotlight

Saturday 6 April at 15:4516:45 in Sirius

While the whole music sector has gone through dramatic changes due to digital disruption the tools to direct your career have been democratised. However, in a fragmented world of constant deficit of attention and focus, our work environment is more fragmented and finding your audience is a continuous challenge. We turn the microphone towards the voice of the artists. Each of them has paved a unique career path of creating their own voice and identity and paving their own path. The music makers, the entrepreneurs, the marketing masterminds, the DIY rebels, the creative spirits:


  • Anna Hints, film director, scriptwriter, film composer
  • Kristjan Järvi, conductor, producer, composer, arranger and entrepreneur
  • Corey Gulkin, artist, songwriter
  • Katariina Kivi, artist, member of Duo Ruut


  • John Robb, journalist, author, musician, Founder of Louder Than War