Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Spatial audio and ambisonics: the future of music or the odd extreme?

Friday 5 April at 13:3014:30 in Vega

Spatial music and sound are nothing new; experimentation began even before the widespread use of stereo sound. However, it has failed to gain widespread influence, apparently due to its association with more complex technical needs. Recently, with the development of technical possibilities, it has garnered increasing attention. It is a time of exploration, where standards and business models are still being formed. Many different technical solutions and formats have emerged, but one of the significant influences is the ambisonic sound format, both in terms of its technical aspects and availability, making it easy to create spatial music that can be distributed globally and played on different sound systems.

This panel introduces spatial music in general and takes a closer look at the ambisonic sound format, which has made spatial music more accessible.


  • Martin Recker, Composer and multimedia artist (Hauptmeier | Recker)
  • Paul Hauptmeier, Composer and multimedia artist (Hauptmeier | Recker)
  • Kris Kuldkepp, Co-curator of the International Symposium on Sonic Art and Spatial Audio, KLINGT GUT! KLG
  • Mantautas Krukauskas, Head of Music Innovation Studies Centre, Associate Professor at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
  • Kristaps Pukitis, Director of Dirty Deal Audio


  • Otto Iivari, Junior Researcher and Doctoral student at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre