Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Kristaps PukitisLV

Director of Dirty Deal Audio

Kristaps Pukitis has honed his skills in project management and communication for over two decades. He has organized numerous independent music and contemporary culture events, co-organized music festivals, managed independent cultural venues, and led teams of various sizes. Since 2011, he has been the driving force behind Dirty Deal Audio, where his experience has been particularly valuable in his work with the Latvian contemporary electronic music scene. This includes organizing events and discussions, releasing music, arranging music showcase events and international songwriting and music producer camps, as well as managing recording studios.

Around 2017, Kristaps, under the guidance of Mantautas Krutauksas, began exploring immersive audio territory. Through Kristaps' initiative, Dirty Deal Audio now owns an immersive audio 21-speaker touring dome and a residency in Laidi Castle.

Kristaps and Dirty Deal Audio aim to collaborate with academic partners to share knowledge and skills with independent and grassroots music scenes. They also seek to maintain an open studio and residency for learning and experimentation in creating immersive audio content. Additionally, they are committed to maintaining the immersive audio touring dome and organizing various events such as concerts, listening sessions, workshops, both locally and internationally.