Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Music First Campaigns

Friday 5 April at 13:1514:15 in Capella

This discussion will delve into the dynamic relationship between music, brands and advertising, exploring the collaborative opportunities between these sectors. Our esteemed panellists will share insights and experiences on the strategic integration of music into advertising campaigns, highlighting successful collaborations and innovative approaches.

Additionally, we'll dive into the outcomes of the European Sync Camp, held just a day before in Tallinn, where talented songwriters and producers convened to craft music for sync, tailored to real campaign briefs. Discover how these collaborations come to life and gain valuable perspectives on the intersection of music, advertising, and brand storytelling.

Curated by Music Estonia


  • Julian Krohn, Director of Music and Audio, Scholz & Friends, European Music Business Task Force
  • Sander Mölder, Composer and music producer, Black Cat White Cat Music, TIKS, Tier Music
  • Laura Reimann, Executive Producer at Get Shot Films
  • Katarina Madsen, Creative & Sync Manager, EWH, Wise Music Group


  • Kertu Mägar, CEO and Co-Founder of FAAR Music