Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

New approaches to export development within niche genres

TMW Conference 2023

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Niche genres are doing particularly well when we look at the export development in different countries, but how exactly do we support these genres? The panel discussion opens up on how exporters and importers work with different genres and what kind of potential and growth they see for these micro-phenomena.

When does a niche become more than a niche? How do festivals highlight niche genres in their programmes and is there any room and audience interest for booking those acts? What are the perspectives from management to marketing strategies when exporting a niche artist? How is a niche developed and promoted and what are the best approaches for supporting the professionals operating in that field? How does a niche become the brand of a country, as reggae grew to the dazzling face of Jamaica in the early 1970s and trap grew from hip-hop sub-trend to a global phenomenon during the past decade? How likely is the emergence of a global breakthrough from an European “niche” country that is usually overlooked in global media?

Export offices, managers and promoters will share their thoughts and recent success stories.

Curated by Music Estonia in collaboration with EMEE - European Music Exporters Exchange


Benjamin Demelemester, International Project Manager at Centre national de la musique (CNM)

Marili Jõgi, artist manager, CEO and Founder of Moon Management (EE)

Alex Stevens, CEO and Founder of KuratedBy Agency (BE)

Miran Rusjan, Conference Manager of MENT Ljubljana, Head of Moonlee Records & Booking (SI)

Koen ter Heegde, Co-founder of Subroutine Records, Founder of Yugofuturism,(NL)


Tamara Kamińska, Director of Music Export Poland, Coordinator of EMEE

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