Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Bookings done by artists: play more shows! How to book DIY gigs

TMW Conference 2023

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Most artists want to play as many live shows as possible and tour at least as far and wide as their online listeners can be detected. Much effort is frequently put into finding an agent or manager who should take care of it and provide an artist with hundreds of performance slots. The reality is, that even if such a partner is found, it usually has a priority roster of acts who will get most of the booking requests. How can “lesser” artists break out of the “let’s take a look at you later” boxes?

We hear about this subject at many industry events – usually from the viewpoint of agents, promoters, and bookers. Yet more and more budding indie artists have been taking on the role of a booker to get gigs on their own. Let's hear it from these brave self-bookers – from how to make a logical road map to defining your budget, pitching your act and gaining new fans.


Gianna Greco, Founder of Putan Club (IT)

François R. Cambuzat, Co-founder of Putan Club (FR)

Mari Meentalo, Artist, Producer, member of OOPUS (EE)

Misia Furtak, Musician, activist for Music Declares Emergency

Reinis Jaunais, musician (LV)

Gordon Johnstone, member of Post Coal Prom Queen (UK)


Mark Dieler, Managing Director at sia lazytime