Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Keynote presentation by Manuel Hubault: Integrated Brand Partnership

TMW Conference 2023

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Keynote presentation by Manuel Hubault, Director of Global Brand Partnerships Development of Superstruct Entertainment

Integrated Brand Partnership - helping brands unlock true value of partnering with Festival IPs

At a time where 44% of Gen Z and Millennials factor festivals in their holiday plans (source: GWI, 2022); at a time where music festivals are the most sought-after event type globally (source: eventbrite, 2023); at a time where an increasing number of marketeers are seeking for meaningful ways to connect with consumer and fan audiences via cultural marketing initiatives (sports, influencers, gaming, music, etc…), music festivals are still too often looked at as ‘nice to have’ event sponsoring opportunities by brand executives rather than integrated communication enabling platforms. We will discuss development areas festival IP owners are or should be undertaking to help marketeers and other stakeholders unlock the full value benefit of such collaborations, and what good looks like in a post-COVID experience-first (but not experience-only) economy.