Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Restoring Ukraine - a collaborative effort

TMW Conference 2023

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War in Ukraine has lasted for more than a year now. Here is a discussion on how to better include Ukraine into European collaboration and how we all can collectively support the restoration of their society - culture and music sector included. The panel discussion will present some of the collaboration projects and initiatives.


Vladyslav Yaremchuk, Partnership Manager of Music Saves UA, Programming Director of Atlas Festival (Digitally) (UA)

Followed by a panel discussion:

Anna Klimczak, communication specialist, spokesperson of ZAiKS, head of Creators for Ukraine (PL)

Anca Lupes, President & founder of Raw Music / MMB (RO)

Elise Phamgia, General coordinator of Liveurope (BE)


Jaanika Lillemaa, Chief Expert at Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia, Former Head of International Projects at Music Estonia (EE)