Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Keynote Lecture "Misunderstanding Digital" by Johan Magnusson

TMW Conference 2023

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Johan Magnusson is a professor at the University of Gothenburg and director of the Swedish Center for Digital Innovation. His research concerns how digital technology changes foundational aspects of organisational life and society. He is highly active in the public debate and writes extensively on a wide array of issues pertaining to digital innovation and transformation.

In his keynote Johan will discuss how the creative arts and industries have an opportunity to avoid common patterns of misunderstanding, witnessed in other industries. Touching also upon the impact of AI on our way of life, Johan will discuss how we often lack understanding that digital skews reality and introduces new logics in how we create value. A 40-minute lecture will be followed by a 20-minute Q & A session.


Johan Magnusson, Director at Swedish Center for Digital Innovation