Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Future Radio, getting smarter every day

TMW Conference 2023

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Despite the MTV era’s “killing of the radio star” or the Internet era’s rise of on-demand services, radio has been an ultimate survivor that has patiently evolved with the changes in tech and consumer habits. The rise of podcasts, connected devices and streaming services’ dependence on algorithms to curate playlists and make user recommendations, have led to changes in how people listen to and interact with radio. It has embraced new tech to maintain its relevance and remained a key medium for news, entertainment and music in many countries. Simultaneously, a new generation of community stations and the kids of 20th Century pirates have utilized the Internet to share underground vibes legitimately with little more than a laptop and a microphone.

However, both FMs and online channels are now entering an AI era of sleek GPT hosts with no ‘ums’ and ‘erms’ waiting in the wings. Will these brave new robots ever spin emerging indie artists? How can star broadcasters and cult tastemakers future-proof themselves?


Cristoph Lindemann, Head of Music at PULS (DE)

Ash Kilmartin, Radio WORM (NL)

Ruben Jonas Schnell, Founder & CEO of ByteFM (DE)

Hervé Riesen, Deputy Director for FIP / Radio France

Tanja Douglass, CEO of Radio Helsinki


Yousif Nur, Music and tech journalist (UK)