Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Workshop: DIY Artist Exchanges: Take charge of your market development

TMW Conference 2023

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DIY doesn’t need to be a bad word... and it may just be the right approach for you when it comes to getting a foothold in a new market. Whether you’re thinking of a foray into a new part of the country or a new country altogether, this one’s for you. A panel of experts with experience in market development in Canada, UK and Europe talk about strategies to develop artist networks and relationships to take charge of your own market development initiative. The key to this approach is introducing yourself to a market before you even arrive and then integrating yourself in the community during your visit.

We answer questions like “When do you need to bring in experts?”, “How can you target funding?#, etc We’ll also explain how to steer clear of potential disasters.

Curated by Music Estonia in collaboration with Estonian Music Week.


Neil Pearson, Owner of Sounds Just Fine

Sebastian Buccioni, Artistic and Executive Director of Estonian Music Week, Project Manager at Music Estonia

Olivia Street, Artist (King of Foxes)