Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Radio Relevance in C21

Saturday 6 April at 15:4516:45 in Capella

With the rise of digital and on-demand services, some might claim radio is too old-school to appeal to modern consumers. Yet just as MTV didn’t really kill the radio star, streaming also didn’t make radio obsolete. Radio has evolved over the years, adding digital alternatives to traditional AM/FM programming, and listening to music, news and corny jingles is still a central part of our daily lives.

Radio has been a survivor that has patiently evolved with the changes in tech and consumer habits and is still reaching wide and diverse audiences. It has also ensured quality content and sustainable listenership for its playlisted artists.

But is it still relevant? Let’s hear from the programmers, heads and radio personalities who have mastered the art of building connections.


  • Jukka Hättinen, Editor-in-Chief at Radio Helsinki
  • Ramunas Zilnys, Head of Pop Music at LRT
  • More speakers TBA


  • Vic Galloway, presenter at BBC Radio Scotland