Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Expertise and AI in Harmony: Shaping the Future of the Music Business

Saturday 6 April at 11:4512:45 in Sirius

This panel explores the critical balance between industry acumen and artificial intelligence within the music industry. It seeks to illuminate the indispensable role of music business professionals in harnessing AI, proposing that AI serves to augment rather than replace human expertise.

The discussion underscores the value of combining seasoned professionals' strategic direction and innovative ideas with AI's efficiency and precision. By examining applications in music creation, A&R, marketing, distribution, and more, it aims to demonstrate how AI can amplify human capabilities, ensuring that professionals remain integral to the industry's evolution.

Let’s engage in a nuanced debate, advocating for a collaborative approach where AI enhances the creative and operational processes, guided by the expert hand of industry veterans.

Curated by Music Estonia, supported by Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI)


  • Andrew Apanov, Founder of Dotted Music
  • Misia Furtak, musician & songwriter
  • Ralph Boege, Managing Director of Paradise Worldwide
  • Jacek Kozlowski, President of Storming the Base & Artoffact Records Inc


  • Mandy Salem-Aubry, Music Business Consultant at Mandy Salem-Aubry Music Services; Head of Knowledge & Communication at Paradise Worldwide