Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Jacek KozlowskiIS

Founder of Artoffact Records

Jacek Kozlowski, founder of Artoffact Records, is a key figure in the music industry. Based in Toronto, Canada, his label is celebrated for its commitment to electronic, industrial, gothic and alternative music. Kozlowski's grassroots approach to discovering new talent, often relying on intuition rather than data, combined with his commitment to artist development, plays a crucial role in Artoffact Records' ability to deliver exceptional material consistently. Under his leadership, the label has fostered a diverse roster of artists and high-quality releases and has made a significant mark on the underground and alternative music scene. Emphasis on innovative and groundbreaking music, along with Kozlowski's support of independent artists, has cemented the label's reputation as an indispensable entity in the alternative music arena.