Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

EMEE - European Music Exporters Exchange - Guide to European Markets

TMW Conference 2023

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Since last year EMEE has been organising some networking missions to European and from this year also to non-European music markets, with the aim of connecting key professionals and getting insights from the local market in order to create links for future collaboration with European music professionals and artists. The panel presents three short discussions featuring the markets of Latvia, France and Italy, all part of the European missions during 2022–2023.

Experts from the respective countries will give valuable insights on artistic collaborations, bookings, showcasing the talent and more. Don’t miss the key takeaways from each market and good entry points that will be delivered!

Curated by Music Estonia in collaboration with EMEE - European Music Exporters Exchange



Agnese Cimuška-Rekke, Executive Director of Music Export Latvia

Maija Skrējāne, Director of Summer Sound Festival

Guna Zučika, Head of Every Little Thing


Benjamin Demelemester, International Project Manager at Centre national de la musique (CNM)

Justine Debicki, Co-Founder and PR of Boogie Drugstore

Jonathan Gourmel, Head of Publishing at InFiné


Dino Lupelli, General Manager of Music Innovation Hub and Linecheck

Magali Berardo, Co-founder of Musicalista Produzioni


Ave Sophia Maria Tölpt, Director of Music Estonia

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