Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Sonja GreinerDE

Secretary-General of European Choral Association

Sonja Greiner is the Secretary General of the European Choral Association (Europa Cantat), a member of the Board of the World Youth Choir Foundation and a Governance Advisor to the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM). With her German father, French mother and two brothers, she spent her youth in Peru and Ecuador, learning three languages at the same time. After studying English, French and Spanish in Freiburg, Germany, and training as a teacher for two years, she became the director of the International Chamber Choir Competition and the Musica Sacra International Festival in Marktoberdorf, Germany, in the early 90s. Sonja Greiner was a member and treasurer of the European and International Music Councils from 2000 to 2013 and was elected honorary member of the International Music Council in 2015.