Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Laia CanalsDK

Director of Tempi - Roots Music Denmark, Chairwoman of the Board

Director of Tempi - Roots Music Denmark, chairwoman of the board of Laia Canals is the director of Tempi - Roots Music Denmark, an organisation dedicated to promoting the genre of roots music in Denmark and internationally. Leveraging her skills as a dynamic networker and advocate for diversity and inclusion, Laia works tirelessly to build connections and foster growth within the roots music community.

With a focus on internationalization and equality, Laia's work extends globally, leading projects ranging from Nordic partnerships like the flagship Nordic Folk Alliance conference to ventures in North America and Asia. She plays a pivotal role in connecting and enriching the roots music community worldwide, serving on boards such as Folk Alliance USA, The Nordic Folk Council, Nordic Folk Alliance, and Another Life Community.

Rooted in a profound love for music, Laia's early experiences as a DJ, artist manager, and activist have shaped her commitment to facilitating growth and development for governments and organisations alike. Her dedication to diversity and inclusion goes beyond professional obligations, reflecting a personal commitment to creating an inclusive environment that amplifies diverse voices within the music industry and beyond.