Creative Impact
Conference 2022

Tallinn 6 May
Narva 7 May

Jane Savidge

As co-founder and head of legendary PR company Savage & Best, Jane Savidge is widely credited as being the main instigator of the Britpop movement that swept the UK in the mid-1990s. During this time, Jane represented Suede, Pulp, The Verve, Elastica, Longpigs, Menswear, Marion, Ultrasound, Echobelly, The Auteurs, Black Box Recorder, and Kula Shaker, while also representing many other artists of the era, including The Fall and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Savidge’s new book Here They Come With Their Make Up On: Suede, Coming Up… And More Adventures Beyond The Wild Frontiers is out on April 12th 2022. Jane is also the author of a critically acclaimed Lunch With The Wild Frontiers (2019).

Here They Come With Their Make-Up On… examines in exquisite detail how Suede emerged from the chaotic, ruined remnants of their career and somehow managed to conjure up their most joyously evocative and celebrated album to date. It features yet more outlandish tales from Jane’s time with Suede and those around them back then, as well as new interviews with band members and Coming Up’s producer, Ed Buller.