Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Edison PrithivirajIN

Founder and Head of Exodus / Director of Unwind Center

Edison Prithiviraj is the founder and director of Exodus, a prominent music and event management organization with a strong presence in Chennai and Mumbai. Renowned for orchestrating distinguished festivals such as the Global Indie Festival, Mumbai Jazz Festival, and Madras Jazz Festival, Exodus has solidified its position as one of the most experienced and sought-after event organizers in Chennai.

At the heart of their operations lies the Unwind Center, a dynamic live performance venue that pulsates with the energy of diverse musical genres. As a collective force, Exodus consistently delivers memorable experiences by producing music concerts, managing international band tours across India and beyond, and providing top-notch club entertainment for leading hotels and corporate entities. The imprint of their excellence extends to artist management through Big Fish Live (BFL).

Edison and his team at Exodus also proudly champion the cause of Care For Culture (CFCCare for Culture), an initiative spawned by the Global Isai Festival. This noble endeavor is rooted in the belief that music possesses the transformative power to heal, spread joy, instill hope, and inspire dreams.