Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Aleksandra Denda RS

Founder of SyncUp

Aleksandra Denda is an educator, music therapist (MMT) and internationally recognised musician who's been featured on Grammy-winning albums, including those of Latin Grammy accolades.

She has conducted workshops in collaboration with renowned institutions across the world, including MoMA Educational Centre, covering topics from Cultural Diversity to using Improvisation as a Wellbeing tool. She is currently serving as the Vice-President of Serbian Professional MT Network. Her latest project Sync-Up is a music-powered burnout prevention programme that provides tailored services for teams, using the power of music to transform the way they ideate and collaborate, enhancing their productivity, communication, and wellbeing.

SyncUp is the grant recipient of HEMI 2023 Music Hub Accelerator Program, a project supported by Creative Europe.