Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Agnese Rakovska LV

Owner of Zvaigznājs (Constellation)

Agnese Rakovska has been a professional singer and songwriter for almost 15 years. With many radio hits under their belt and representation of Latvia at Eurovision 2017, Agnese and her band Triana Park have established their place in the Latvian music industry. Working with emerging new artists at her agency Zvaigznājs (Constellation) Agnese discovered that the local music ecosystem needed some changes, which led her to think about the education system in general.

Constellation Class was founded as a social movement, aiming to implement digital technologies in every music classroom in Latvia. Agnese believes that introducing digital technologies in the classroom will help discover the creative side of every student. Her goal is to bring education closer to industry standards and make music lessons as fascinating as possible by integrating digital production stations into classrooms. <