Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

(Not viewable online) European Music Business Task Force II - final project presentations

Friday 5 April at 11:0013:00 in Altair

Since April 2023 12 European music business professionals have been undertaking a transnational creative leadership masterclass and the team is joining TMW for their fifth and last in-person meet-up. During TMW, the team will present their answers to the question: How can we boost the European music market?

As the industry continues to face multiple challenges, like digitalisation, sustainability and fairness, the EMBTF programme aims to develop deeper insights, elevate leadership skills, and foster knowledge. Together, we can create a strong and sustainable transnational European music market.

At this workshop, you will get to know The Force (they are all amazing humans!), who will pitch their collaborative projects to you as the outcome of their 15-month journey! This session aims to spark inspiration to all of you in the room, to get you connected, to get you involved, to get you to spread the word. To bring across the change needed, we can only do it all together!

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The Stops so far:

  • Workshop 1: SPOT Festival and the SPOT+ Festival conference in Aarhus, Denmark (5 - 6 May 2023)
  • Workshop 2: Reeperbahn Festival and the Reeperbahn Festival Conference in Hamburg, Germany (20 - 23f September 2023)
  • Workshop 3: Iceland Airwaves and the Airwaves Pro Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland (2 - 4 November 2023)
  • Workshop 4: Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) and the ESNS Conference in Groningen, Netherlands (17-20 January 2024)
  • Workshop 5: Tallinn Music Week Festival and Conference in Tallinn, Estonia (3 - 7 April 2024)

The Task Force Participants:

  • Katarina Julie Madsen, Creative Manager of Wise Music / Edition Wilhelm Hansen
  • Misia Furtak, Music Declares Emergency, artist
  • Katharin Ahrend, Managing Director of Clubcommission Berlin e.V. and Head of Awareness Akademie
  • Julian Krohn, Director of Music & Audio at Scholz & Friends Sounds
  • Alex Ter Horst, Founder and Artist Manager of Neva Land Music
  • Timurs Tomsons, CEO of Liepaja Concert Hall "Great Amber"
  • Yasmina Elkak, Editor & Club Night Owner of DICE / Neowarras
  • Sam Malik (in memoriam), Senior Projects, Music and Engagement Manager
  • Doroteja Budaite, Chairperson of Lithuanian Jazz Union board, CEO of JJA Music
  • Marta Sampaio, Project Manager and Co-founder of Pigeon Team, Project Administrator Agent and Press Manager of Europe In Synch, Project Manager Assistant at BELEM
  • Grace Goodwin, PHD researcher, artist mentor, session drummer and percussionist
  • Erica Romero Pender, International Strategy Coordinator of Rocknrolla Producciones y Eventos Culturales

The EMBTF team will finalise their pitches for this workshop in the days prior to the TMW Conference. Professionals from all sectors, countries, and organisations are encouraged to participate. Learn more about the programme at

The European Music Business Task Force programme is organised by Promus, Music Cites Network, KaosPilots and Reykjavik Music City and is co-funded by the European Union.