Tallinn Music Week
5—6 April 2024

Small Festivals Accelerator & Safe Place presents: International names, local vibe - behind the scenes of boutique festivals

TMW Conference 2023

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Small boutique festivals in remote areas are the driving force for the local community bringing international artists to stages they wouldn’t necessarily reach otherwise. Statistics show that the visitors are more keen on attending boutique festivals for their vibe and facilities. But what can these events do in order to remain attractive for their current customers and reach new audiences?

Curated by Music Estonia


Stefan Reichmann, Founder of Haldern Pop (DE)

Ognen Stojanoski, Password Productions festivals D-Festival and Takisrat (MK)

Roberto Cammarata, Head of Production at Ypsigrock Festival (IT)

Mihkel Kübar, Intsikurmu

Viestarts Gailītis, Skanu mežs