Creative Impact
Conference 2022

Tallinn 6 May
Narva 7 May

Tomi Pietilä

Tomi Pietilä is a mixing engineer / producer and owner of one of the first Dolby´s approved Atmos Music Studios in Finland. He has mixed numerous surround sound recordings since 2004 and done releases in almost every multichannel audio format from DTS-CD to PureAudio Bluray.

Tomi is also a widely known educator and famous for his music format presentations. He can open the history of music technology understandably from the 1800s stereophonic Theatrophoné to immersive Dolby Atmos Music.

The rise of immersive music streaming, thanks Dolby and the operators, has gained the demand for the multichannel remix process. With a wide musical background from classical to hard rock and modern pop, Tomi has hands full of new remixes and demonstrations in his immersive studio equipped with PMC speakers.