Creative Impact
Conference 2022

Tallinn 6 May
Narva 7 May

Richie Mattila

Richie Mattila is a promoter, talent buyer and CEO of Internationaali Säätö Oy/Ltd. Now over 47 years in the international live music business, he booked and promoted his first show as a 14-year-old. He has complete knowledge of all aspects of the music business world - publishing, record companies, festival production, business operations and logistics, an extensive network and a great reputation among agents and managers all over the world. He’s worked with the world’s biggest artists such as Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, Metallica, Madonna, Elton John, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, The Cure, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Jones, AC/DC, Public Enemy, U2 among many others.