Creative Impact

Login Kochishki

Promoter, A&R and label manager, event/party organiser, booking agent, publisher Login has been active in the music industry for the last 20 years. He is the founder and director of the biggest Macedonian music festival Taksirat, D Festival, Pivolend, Green Beach Festival and Aqua Park Festival.

If I write a book, it will be like ""Get in the Van"" by Henry Rollins.. If I start to sing, it will sound like Jala Brat.. If I open Instagram, it will look like Marilyn Manson... If I enter politics, it will finish with some Dubioza... If I travel the world, it will be with Manu... If I want some music, I try to bring in my village... So, I want to be free, free, free… and Log In whenever I want!