Creative Impact
Conference 2022

Tallinn 6 May
Narva 7 May

Kerli Kõiv

Avant-garde, mystical and magical are just some of the ways her fans describe KERLI. Citing songwriting, production, fashion design, photography and video as her main mediums, this unique audiovisual artist has created a world all her own. Hailing as one of Estonia’s most successful musical exports, KERLI has charted in billboard multiple times with her own music, as well as with music she has written for other artists, such as "Skyscraper” for Demi Lovato. Her YouTube presence alone has garnered more than 125 million views worldwide, with followers being enticed not just by the artist's music and aesthetic but equally fascinated by her unorthodox lifestyle and spiritual journey. Spending most of her creative time off the grid in the deep forests of Estonia, KERLI’s evolution as an artist has paralleled her curiosity as a human exploring the relationship between nature, mysticism and technology. All of which were exemplified in her most diverse and eclectic body of work to date, the album entitled ‘Shadow Works’, which was released in 2019 via Suicide Sheep’s imprint Seeking Blue.