Creative Impact

Johann Merrich

Johann Merrich is an Italian experimental musician and independent researcher. Her interests focus on the creation of an equal history of electronic music, with an emphasis on the effort of women. Her first book “Le Pioniere della Musica Elettronica” ("Women Pioneers of Electronic Music") was published in 2012, followed by “A Short History of Electronic Music and Its Women Protagonists” published in Italian in 2019, now also available in English.

Her current research topics include a multicultural history of electronic music and audience development strategies for so-called difficult music. Merrich writes a monthly column for, the official blog Tempo Reale, called “Brevi Storie” (“Short Stories”) and has published articles elsewhere.She’s also part of the scientific committee of CRIR, Interdepartmental Research Centre for Radiophonic Studies by Usmaradio, San Marino University.