Creative Impact

Janar Ala

Janar Ala is a lifelong cultural journalist, who penned his first review in 1997 about the Teletubbies. It was published in the biggest Estonian daily Postimees. Wrote it in longhand on paper, shoved the page in an envelope and sent it by oldschool mail service. Times, they weren’t futuristic yet.

Janar has worked in various publications and also as a freelancer. But as a freelancer's life is a dog life, then from this March he has returned to the ranks of Postimees as the culture editor.

Janar Ala is also a lifelong admirer of music journalism and (pop) music criticism. At the same time, he thinks that most of the music press and pop criticism is quite shabby. Poorly written. To write it well, one must possess a special touch. Without that, there's no point in even trying. Better to give up immediately. Lately, he has become interested in classical music for some reason, although he can't write about it. Even fewer can write about it than about pop. Maybe that's where the future of music criticism lies. Paul Morley, one of the greatest and most pretentious pop critics, also seems to think so.