Creative Impact
Conference 2022

Tallinn 6 May
Narva 7 May

Alona Savranenko

Alona Savranenko aka alyona alyona's phenomenal rise began in 2018, when her debut video single "Ribki" became a viral hit in Ukraine. The young kindergarten teacher from a small town near Kyiv became an overnight hip-hop sensation.

Now she no longer delivers her message as a preschool teacher, but as a powerful and beloved performer who can be seen in her videos as the proud queen of the street in front of the housing projects of her hometown Baryshivka, or as a fairytale matriarch in a dystopian world. She acts without bling and pomp and prefers to hit the bull’s eye – in her native language Ukrainian – about images of women beyond the usual beauty clichés ("Ribki") or young adults who bemoan the situation in Ukraine and leave the country ("Salischaju swij dim"). She’s a pop artist who’s grounded, having worked at the supermarket checkout and as a make-up saleswoman before becoming an educator and studying psychology.